public G4VEnergyLossProcess

This class manages the ionisation process for ions. Effective charge, nuclear stopping power, energy loss corrections are taken into account. It inherites from G4VEnergyLossLoss.

  • EmModel 0
    • G4BraggModel
    • G4IonFluctuations
  • EmModel 1
    • G4BetheBlochModel
    • G4IonFluctuations
  • Add ion stoping tables for Generic Ion if the default model is used (with eth ~= 2 MeV)
    • G4WaterStopping



  explicit G4ionIonisation(const G4String& name = "ionIoni");

  virtual ~G4ionIonisation();

  virtual G4bool IsApplicable(const G4ParticleDefinition& p) final;

  void AddStoppingData(G4int Z, G4int A, const G4String& materialName,
               G4PhysicsVector* dVector);

  void ActivateStoppingData(G4bool);

  // print documentation in html format
  virtual void ProcessDescription(std::ostream&) const override;


  // Print out of the class parameters
  virtual void StreamProcessInfo(std::ostream& outFile,
                             G4String endOfLine=G4String("\n")) const override;

  virtual void 
  InitialiseEnergyLossProcess(const G4ParticleDefinition*,
                  const G4ParticleDefinition*) override;

  virtual G4double MinPrimaryEnergy(const G4ParticleDefinition* p,
                    const G4Material*, G4double cut) final;

  inline G4double BetheBlochEnergyThreshold();


  // hide assignment operator
  G4ionIonisation & operator=(const G4ionIonisation &right) = delete;
  G4ionIonisation(const G4ionIonisation&) = delete;
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