public G4VTrajectoryPoint

This class represents the trajectory of a particle tracked.
It includes information of

  • 1) List of trajectory points which compose the trajectory,
  • 2) static information of particle which generated the trajectory,
  • 3) trackID and parent particle ID of the trajectory,
  • 4) termination condition of the trajectory.


public: // without description

// Constructor/Destructor
   G4TrajectoryPoint(G4ThreeVector pos);
   G4TrajectoryPoint(const G4TrajectoryPoint &right);
   virtual ~G4TrajectoryPoint();

// Operators
   inline void *operator new(size_t);
   inline void operator delete(void *aTrajectoryPoint);
   inline int operator==(const G4TrajectoryPoint& right) const
   { return (this==&right); };

// Get/Set functions
   inline const G4ThreeVector GetPosition() const
   { return fPosition; };

// Get method for HEPRep style attributes
   virtual const std::map<G4String,G4AttDef>* GetAttDefs() const;
   virtual std::vector<G4AttValue>* CreateAttValues() const;


// Member data
   G4ThreeVector fPosition;
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