public G4VEmProcess

This class manages the process of e+ annihilation into 2 gammas

  • Model 0
    • G4eeToTwoGammaModel



  explicit G4eplusAnnihilation(const G4String& name = "annihil");

  virtual ~G4eplusAnnihilation();

  virtual G4bool IsApplicable(const G4ParticleDefinition& p) final;

  virtual G4VParticleChange* AtRestDoIt(
                             const G4Track& track,
                             const G4Step& stepData) override;

  virtual G4double AtRestGetPhysicalInteractionLength(
                             const G4Track& track,
                             G4ForceCondition* condition
                            ) override;

  // print documentation in html format
  virtual void ProcessDescription(std::ostream&) const override;


  // Print out of the class parameters
  virtual void StreamProcessInfo(std::ostream& outFile,
                             G4String endOfLine=G4String("\n")) const override;

  virtual void InitialiseProcess(const G4ParticleDefinition*) override;
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