//  Abstract class which the user can derive his/her own concrete
// class for toring user's information associating with a G4Track
// class object.
//  It is user's responsibility 
//   1) Construct a concrete class object and set the pointer to
//     proper G4Track object
//   2) Concrete class derived from this class is expected to use G4Allocator
//     for memory management or something equivarent for performance reason
//  To set a pointer of a concrete class object to G4Track in
// G4UserTrackingAction concrete implementation, given the G4Track
// object is available only by "pointer to const", SetUserTrackInformation()
// method of G4TrackingManager is available.
//  The concrete class object is deleted by Geant4 kernel when
// associated G4Track object is deleted.


  public: // With Description
    G4VUserTrackInformation(const G4String& infoType);
    // String is provided to indicate Type of UserTrackInfo class  
    // User is recommended to set the type of his/her class  

    G4VUserTrackInformation(const  G4VUserTrackInformation&);
    G4VUserTrackInformation& operator=(const G4VUserTrackInformation&);

    virtual ~G4VUserTrackInformation();

    virtual void Print() const {};

    const G4String& GetType() const;
    // get Type of this UserTrackInfo     

    G4String* pType;
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