This class is a helper class for physics lists to register processes according to the ordering parameter table
This class is a singleton


   // Hide constructor and destructor 
   virtual ~G4PhysicsListHelper();

  public:  // with description
   // This method gives the ponter to the physics list helper 
   static G4PhysicsListHelper* GetPhysicsListHelper(); 

   //Register a process to the particle type 
   // according to the ordering parameter table
   //  'true' is returned if the process is registerd successfully
   G4bool RegisterProcess(G4VProcess*            process,
              G4ParticleDefinition*  particle);

   //  User must invoke this method in his ConstructProcess() 
   //  implementation in order to insures particle transportation.
   void AddTransportation();

   //  Set flag for using CoupledTransportation
   void UseCoupledTransportation(G4bool vl=true);

    // check consistencies of list of particles 
    void CheckParticleList() const;

  // Dump OrdingParameterTable
    void DumpOrdingParameterTable(G4int subType = -1) const;
    G4PhysicsListOrderingParameter GetOrdingParameter(G4int subType) const;

    void ReadOrdingParameterTable();
    void ReadInDefaultOrderingParameter();

  public: // with description
    void  SetVerboseLevel(G4int value);
    G4int GetVerboseLevel() const;
    // set/get controle flag for output message
    //  0: Silent
    //  1: Warning message
    //  2: More
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