This class represents information associated with the each end of a Step like the space/time data of the particle.



// Constructor/Destructor


// Copy Counstructor and assignment operator
   G4StepPoint(const G4StepPoint& );
   G4StepPoint & operator=(const G4StepPoint &);   


  public: // with description 

// Get/Set functions
  const G4ThreeVector& GetPosition() const;
  void SetPosition(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);
  void AddPosition(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);

  G4double GetLocalTime() const;
  void SetLocalTime(const G4double aValue);
  void AddLocalTime(const G4double aValue);
      // Time since the track is created.

   G4double GetGlobalTime() const;
   void SetGlobalTime(const G4double aValue);
   void AddGlobalTime(const G4double aValue);
      // Time since the event in which the track belongs is created.

   G4double GetProperTime() const;
   void SetProperTime(const G4double aValue);
   void AddProperTime(const G4double aValue);
      // Proper time of the particle.

   const G4ThreeVector& GetMomentumDirection() const;
   void SetMomentumDirection(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);
   void AddMomentumDirection(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);
     // Direction of momentum  (should be an unit vector)

   G4ThreeVector GetMomentum() const;
      // Total momentum of the track

   G4double GetTotalEnergy() const;
     // Total energy of the track

   G4double GetKineticEnergy() const;
   void SetKineticEnergy(const G4double aValue);
   void AddKineticEnergy(const G4double aValue);
     // Kinetic Energy of the track

   G4double GetVelocity() const;
   void SetVelocity(G4double v);

   G4double GetBeta() const;
    // Velocity of the track in unit of c(light velocity)

   G4double GetGamma() const;
     // Gamma factor (1/sqrt[1-beta*beta]) of the track    

   G4VPhysicalVolume* GetPhysicalVolume() const;

   const G4VTouchable* GetTouchable() const;
   const G4TouchableHandle& GetTouchableHandle() const;
   void  SetTouchableHandle(const G4TouchableHandle& apValue);

   G4Material* GetMaterial() const;
   void SetMaterial(G4Material*);

   const G4MaterialCutsCouple* GetMaterialCutsCouple() const;
   void SetMaterialCutsCouple(const G4MaterialCutsCouple*);

   G4VSensitiveDetector* GetSensitiveDetector() const;
   void SetSensitiveDetector(G4VSensitiveDetector*);

   G4double GetSafety() const;
   void SetSafety(const G4double aValue);

   const G4ThreeVector& GetPolarization() const;
   void SetPolarization(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);
   void AddPolarization(const G4ThreeVector& aValue);

   G4StepStatus GetStepStatus() const;
   void SetStepStatus(const G4StepStatus aValue);

   const G4VProcess* GetProcessDefinedStep() const;
     // If the pointer is 0, this means the Step is defined
     // by the user defined limit in the current volume.
   void SetProcessDefinedStep(const G4VProcess* aValue);

   G4double GetMass() const;
   void SetMass(G4double value);

   G4double GetCharge() const;
   void SetCharge(G4double value);

   G4double GetMagneticMoment() const;
   void SetMagneticMoment(G4double value);

   void SetWeight(G4double aValue);
   G4double GetWeight() const; 


// Member data
   G4ThreeVector fPosition;
   G4double fGlobalTime;         
      // Time since event is created
   G4double fLocalTime;          
      // Time since track is created
   G4double fProperTime;          
      // Time since track is created (in rest frame of particle)
   G4ThreeVector fMomentumDirection;
   G4double fKineticEnergy;
   G4double fVelocity; 
      //  Momentum,energy and velocity
   G4TouchableHandle fpTouchable;
      //  Touchable Handle  
   G4Material* fpMaterial;
      // Material of the volmue
   const G4MaterialCutsCouple* fpMaterialCutsCouple;
      // MaterialCutsCouple of the volmue
   G4VSensitiveDetector* fpSensitiveDetector;
   G4double fSafety;
   G4ThreeVector fPolarization;
   G4StepStatus fStepStatus;
      // DoIt type which defined the current Step.
   const G4VProcess* fpProcessDefinedStep;
      // Process which defined the current Step.
   G4double fMass;
      // Dynamical mass of the particle
   G4double fCharge;
      // Dynamical Charge of the particle
   G4double fMagneticMoment;
      // Dynamical MagneticMoment of the particle
   G4double fWeight;
      // Track Weight
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