public G4VIntraNuclearTransportModel

Defines an interface to Bertini (BERT) cascade based on INUCL intra-nuclear transport.models with bullet hadron energy ~< 10 GeV

  G4HadFinalState* ApplyYourself(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack, G4Nucleus& theNucleus);

// 弹靶对撞


  G4CascadeInterface(const G4String& name = "BertiniCascade");

  virtual ~G4CascadeInterface();

  G4ReactionProductVector* Propagate(G4KineticTrackVector* theSecondaries,
                     G4V3DNucleus* theNucleus);

  G4HadFinalState* ApplyYourself(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack,
                 G4Nucleus& theNucleus);

  void SetVerboseLevel(G4int verbose);        // Overrides base class

  G4bool IsApplicable(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack,
              G4Nucleus& theNucleus);

  G4bool IsApplicable(const G4ParticleDefinition* aPD) const;

  // Used with multithreaded applications to preload shared objects
  static void Initialize();

  // Select betweeen different post-cascade de-excitation models
  void useCascadeDeexcitation();
  void usePreCompoundDeexcitation();

  virtual void ModelDescription(std::ostream& outFile) const;
  virtual void DumpConfiguration(std::ostream& outFile) const;

  void clear();            // Delete previously created particles

  // Convert input projectile and target to Bertini internal types
  G4bool createBullet(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack);
  G4bool createTarget(G4Nucleus& theNucleus);
  G4bool createTarget(G4V3DNucleus* theNucleus);
  G4bool createTarget(G4int A, G4int Z);

  // Evaluate whether any outgoing particles penetrated Coulomb barrier
  G4bool coulombBarrierViolation() const;

  // Conditions for rejecting cascade attempt
  G4bool retryInelasticProton() const;
  G4bool retryInelasticNucleus() const;

  // Transfer Bertini internal final state to hadronics interface
  void copyOutputToHadronicResult();
  G4ReactionProductVector* copyOutputToReactionProducts();

  // Replicate input particles onto output
  G4HadFinalState* NoInteraction(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack,
                 G4Nucleus& theNucleus);

  // Report violations of conservation laws in original frame
  void checkFinalResult();

  // Terminate job because of energy/momentum/etc. violations
  void throwNonConservationFailure();

  // Convert between Bertini and external particle types
  G4DynamicParticle* makeDynamicParticle(const G4InuclElementaryParticle& iep) const;
  G4DynamicParticle* makeDynamicParticle(const G4InuclNuclei& inuc) const;

  G4int operator==(const G4CascadeInterface& right) const {
    return (this == &right);

  G4int operator!=(const G4CascadeInterface& right) const {
    return (this != &right);

  const G4String randomFile;        // Filename to capture random seeds
  const G4int maximumTries;        // Number of iterations for inelastic

  G4int numberOfTries;

  G4InuclCollider* collider;
  G4CascadeCheckBalance* balance;

  G4InuclParticle* bullet;        // Pointers to last filled versions
  G4InuclParticle* target;

  G4CollisionOutput* output;

  G4InuclElementaryParticle hadronBullet;    // Buffers for bullet, target
  G4InuclNuclei             nucleusBullet;

  G4InuclElementaryParticle hadronTarget;
  G4InuclNuclei             nucleusTarget;
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