public G4VEmModel

Implementation of the ICRU'49 model of nuclear stopping



  explicit G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel(const G4String& nam = 

  virtual ~G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel();

  virtual void Initialise(const G4ParticleDefinition*, 
              const G4DataVector&) final;

  // main method to compute dEdx
  virtual G4double ComputeDEDXPerVolume(const G4Material*,
                                        const G4ParticleDefinition*,
                                        G4double kineticEnergy,
                                        G4double cutEnergy = DBL_MAX) final;

  virtual void SampleSecondaries(std::vector<G4DynamicParticle*>*,
                 const G4MaterialCutsCouple*,
                 const G4DynamicParticle*, 
                 G4double, G4double) final;


  void InitialiseArray();

  G4double NuclearStoppingPower(G4double kineticEnergy,
                G4double Z1, G4double Z2,
                G4double A1, G4double A2);

  //  hide assignment operator
  G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel & operator=
  (const  G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel &right) = delete;
  G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel(const  G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel&) = delete;
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