public G4HadronicInteraction

  • Final state production model for induced fission;
  • To be used in your physics list in case you need this physics.
  • In this case you want to register an object of this class with the corresponding process.



    G4LFission(const G4String& name = "G4LFission");

    G4HadFinalState* ApplyYourself(const G4HadProjectile& aTrack,
                                   G4Nucleus& targetNucleus);

    static G4double Atomas(const G4double A, const G4double Z);

    virtual void ModelDescription(std::ostream& outFile) const;

    virtual const std::pair<G4double, G4double> GetFatalEnergyCheckLevels() const;


    void init();
    G4double spneut[10];
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