public G4HadronicProcess

General process for hadron nuclear elastic scattering



  G4HadronElasticProcess(const G4String& procName = "hadElastic");

  virtual ~G4HadronElasticProcess();

  virtual G4VParticleChange* PostStepDoIt(const G4Track& aTrack, 
                      const G4Step& aStep);

  // initialise thresholds
  virtual void PreparePhysicsTable(const G4ParticleDefinition&);

  // set internal limit
  virtual void SetLowestEnergy(G4double);

  // obsolete method - will be removed
  virtual void SetLowestEnergyNeutron(G4double);

  virtual void ProcessDescription(std::ostream& outFile) const;

  // enable sampling of low-mass diffraction process
  void SetDiffraction(G4HadronicInteraction*, G4VCrossSectionRatio*);


  // hide assignment operator as private 
  G4HadronElasticProcess& operator=(const G4HadronElasticProcess &right);
  G4HadronElasticProcess(const G4HadronElasticProcess& );

  G4double lowestEnergy;
  G4bool   isInitialised;
  G4HadronicInteraction* fDiffraction;
  G4VCrossSectionRatio*  fDiffractionRatio;
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