This is the base class for all hadronic interaction models in geant4.

If you want to implement a new way of producing a final state, please, inherit from here.


public: // With description

  explicit G4HadronicInteraction(const G4String& modelName = "HadronicModel");

  virtual ~G4HadronicInteraction();

  virtual G4HadFinalState *ApplyYourself(const G4HadProjectile &aTrack, 
                     G4Nucleus & targetNucleus ) = 0;
  // The interface to implement for final state production code.

  virtual G4double SampleInvariantT(const G4ParticleDefinition* p, 
                    G4double plab,
                    G4int Z, G4int A);
  // The interface to implement sampling of scattering or change exchange

  virtual G4bool IsApplicable(const G4HadProjectile & aTrack, 
                    G4Nucleus & targetNucleus);

  inline G4double GetMinEnergy() const
  { return theMinEnergy; }

  G4double GetMinEnergy( const G4Material *aMaterial,
             const G4Element *anElement ) const;

  inline void SetMinEnergy( G4double anEnergy )
  { theMinEnergy = anEnergy; }

  void SetMinEnergy( G4double anEnergy, const G4Element *anElement );

  void SetMinEnergy( G4double anEnergy, const G4Material *aMaterial );

  inline G4double GetMaxEnergy() const
  { return theMaxEnergy; }

  G4double GetMaxEnergy( const G4Material *aMaterial,
             const G4Element *anElement ) const;

  inline void SetMaxEnergy( const G4double anEnergy )
  { theMaxEnergy = anEnergy; }

  void SetMaxEnergy( G4double anEnergy, const G4Element *anElement );

  void SetMaxEnergy( G4double anEnergy, const G4Material *aMaterial );

  inline G4int GetVerboseLevel() const
  { return verboseLevel; }

  inline void SetVerboseLevel( G4int value )
  { verboseLevel = value; }

  inline const G4String& GetModelName() const
  { return theModelName; }

  void DeActivateFor(const G4Material* aMaterial);

  inline void ActivateFor( const G4Material *aMaterial ) 
    SetMaxEnergy(GetMaxEnergy(), aMaterial);
    SetMinEnergy(GetMinEnergy(), aMaterial);

  void DeActivateFor( const G4Element *anElement ); 
  inline void ActivateFor( const G4Element *anElement )
    SetMaxEnergy(GetMaxEnergy(), anElement);
    SetMinEnergy(GetMinEnergy(), anElement);

  G4bool IsBlocked( const G4Material *aMaterial ) const;
  G4bool IsBlocked( const G4Element *anElement) const;

  inline void SetRecoilEnergyThreshold(G4double val) 
  { recoilEnergyThreshold = val; }

  G4double GetRecoilEnergyThreshold() const 
  { return recoilEnergyThreshold;}

  virtual const std::pair<G4double, G4double> GetFatalEnergyCheckLevels() const;

  virtual std::pair<G4double, G4double> GetEnergyMomentumCheckLevels() const;

  inline void 
  SetEnergyMomentumCheckLevels(G4double relativeLevel, G4double absoluteLevel)
  { epCheckLevels.first = relativeLevel;
    epCheckLevels.second = absoluteLevel; }

  virtual void ModelDescription(std::ostream& outFile) const ; //=0;

  // Initialisation before run
  virtual void BuildPhysicsTable(const G4ParticleDefinition&);
  virtual void InitialiseModel();


  inline void SetModelName(const G4String& nam) 
  { theModelName = nam; }

  inline G4bool IsBlocked() const { return isBlocked;}
  inline void Block() { isBlocked = true; }

  G4HadFinalState theParticleChange;
  // the G4HadFinalState object which is modified and returned
  // by address by the ApplyYourself method,
  // (instead of aParticleChange as found in G4VProcess)

  G4int verboseLevel;
  // control flag for output messages
  // 0: silent
  // 1: warning messages
  // 2: more
  // (instead of verboseLevel as found in G4VProcess)

  // these two have global validity energy range    
  G4double theMinEnergy;
  G4double theMaxEnergy;

  G4bool isBlocked;


  G4HadronicInteraction(const G4HadronicInteraction &right ) = delete;
  const G4HadronicInteraction& operator=(const G4HadronicInteraction &right) = delete;
  G4bool operator==(const G4HadronicInteraction &right ) const = delete;
  G4bool operator!=(const G4HadronicInteraction &right ) const = delete;

  G4HadronicInteractionRegistry* registry;

  G4double recoilEnergyThreshold;

  G4String theModelName;

  std::pair<G4double, G4double> epCheckLevels;

  std::vector<std::pair<G4double, const G4Material *> > theMinEnergyList;
  std::vector<std::pair<G4double, const G4Material *> > theMaxEnergyList;
  std::vector<std::pair<G4double, const G4Element *> > theMinEnergyListElements;
  std::vector<std::pair<G4double, const G4Element *> > theMaxEnergyListElements;
  std::vector<const G4Material *> theBlockedList;
  std::vector<const G4Element *> theBlockedListElements;
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