public G4VCrossSectionDataSet

Interaction cross-sections for the elastic process.



  G4ChipsNeutronElasticXS();               // Constructor


  static const char* Default_Name() {return "ChipsNeutronElasticXS";}

  virtual void CrossSectionDescription(std::ostream&) const;  

  virtual G4bool IsIsoApplicable(const G4DynamicParticle* Pt, G4int Z, G4int A,    
                 const G4Element* elm,
                 const G4Material* mat );

  // At present momentum (pMom) in MeV/c, CS in mb (@@ Units)
  virtual G4double GetIsoCrossSection(const G4DynamicParticle*, G4int tgZ, G4int A,  
                      const G4Isotope* iso = 0,
                      const G4Element* elm = 0,
                      const G4Material* mat = 0);

  virtual G4double GetChipsCrossSection(G4double momentum, G4int Z, G4int N, G4int pdg);

  G4double GetExchangeT(G4int tZ, G4int tN, G4int pPDG); // Randomizes -t=Q2 (in IU=MeV^2)
  G4double GetHMaxT();                   // Currrent Max(-t=Q2)/2. (in IU=MeV^2)


  G4double CalculateCrossSection(G4bool CS, G4int F, G4int I, G4int pPDG, G4int Z, G4int N,
                                                                              G4double pP);

  G4double GetSlope(G4int tZ, G4int tN, G4int pPDG);     // Slope of the 1st diff. maximum

  G4double GetPTables(G4double lpP, G4double lPm, G4int PDG, G4int tZ, G4int tN); // newLP
  G4double GetTabValues(G4double lp, G4int pPDG, G4int tgZ, G4int tgN); // return CS(Si/Bi)
  G4double GetQ2max(G4int pPDG, G4int tgZ, G4int tgN, G4double pP); // return -t=Q2

// Body
  // --- Data formating AMDB (define the precalculated table structure) ---
  const G4int nPoints;// #of points in the AMDB tables     
  const G4int nLast;  // the Last element in the table
  G4double    lPMin;  // Min tabulated logarithmic Momentum  
  G4double    lPMax;  // Max tabulated logarithmic Momentum  
  G4double    dlnP;   // Log step in the table     
  // ---- Local (for particular pP, pPDG, tZ, tN) -----
  G4bool    onlyCS;   // flag to calculate only CS (not S1/B1,S2/B2,S3/B3)
  G4double  lastSIG;  // Last calculated cross section
  G4double  lastLP;   // Last log(mom_of_the_incident_hadron in GeV)
  G4double  lastTM;   // Last t_maximum                       
  G4int     lastN;    // The last N of calculated nucleus
  G4int     lastZ;    // The last Z of calculated nucleus
  G4double  lastP;    // Last used in the cross section Momentum
  G4double  lastTH;   // Last value of the Momentum Threshold
  G4double  lastCS;   // Last value of the Cross Section
  G4int     lastI;    // The last position in the DAMDB
  G4double  theSS;    // The Last squared slope of first diffruction 
  G4double  theS1;    // The Last mantissa of first diffruction 
  G4double  theB1;    // The Last slope of first diffruction    
  G4double  theS2;    // The Last mantissa of second diffruction
  G4double  theB2;    // The Last slope of second diffruction   
  G4double  theS3;    // The Last mantissa of third diffruction 
  G4double  theB3;    // The Last slope of third diffruction    
  G4double  theS4;    // The Last mantissa of 4-th diffruction 
  G4double  theB4;    // The Last slope of 4-th diffruction    
  // ---- Global (AMBD of P-dependent tables for pPDG,tZ,tN) -----
  G4int     lastTZ;   // Last atomic number of the target
  G4int     lastTN;   // Last number of neutrons of the target
  G4double  lastPIN;  // Last initialized max momentum
  G4double* lastCST;  // Last cross-section table
  G4double* lastPAR;  // Last parameters for functional calculation
  G4double* lastSST;  // E-dep of squared slope of the first difruction 
  G4double* lastS1T;  // E-dep of mantissa of the first difruction 
  G4double* lastB1T;  // E-dep of the slope of the first difruction
  G4double* lastS2T;  // E-dep of mantissa of the second difruction
  G4double* lastB2T;  // E-dep of the slope of theSecond difruction
  G4double* lastS3T;  // E-dep of mantissa of the third difruction 
  G4double* lastB3T;  // E-dep of the slope of the third difruction
  G4double* lastS4T;  // E-dep of mantissa of the 4-th difruction 
  G4double* lastB4T;  // E-dep of the slope of the 4-th difruction

  std::vector <G4double*> PAR;   // Vector of parameters for functional calculations
  std::vector <G4double*> CST;   // Vector of cross-section table
  std::vector <G4double*> SST;   // Vector of the first squared slope
  std::vector <G4double*> S1T;   // Vector of the first mantissa
  std::vector <G4double*> B1T;   // Vector of the first slope
  std::vector <G4double*> S2T;   // Vector of the secon mantissa
  std::vector <G4double*> B2T;   // Vector of the second slope
  std::vector <G4double*> S3T;   // Vector of the third mantissa
  std::vector <G4double*> B3T;   // Vector of the third slope
  std::vector <G4double*> S4T;   // Vector of the 4-th mantissa (gloria)
  std::vector <G4double*> B4T;   // Vector of the 4-th slope    (gloria)

  std::vector <G4int> colN;  // Vector of N for calculated nuclei (isotops)
  std::vector <G4int>  colZ;  // Vector of Z for calculated nuclei (isotops)
  std::vector <G4double> colP;  // Vector of last momenta for the reaction
  std::vector <G4double> colTH; // Vector of energy thresholds for the reaction
  std::vector <G4double> colCS; // Vector of last cross sections for the reaction
  std::vector <G4double> PIN;   // Vector of max initialized log(P) in the table
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