public G4VCrossSectionDataSet

  • Cross-section data set for a high precision (based on evaluated data libraries) description of neutron capture below 20 MeV;
  • To be used in your physics list in case you need this physics.
  • In this case you want to register an object of this class with the corresponding process.





      G4bool IsIsoApplicable( const G4DynamicParticle* , 
                              G4int /*Z*/ , G4int /*A*/ ,
                              const G4Element* /*elm*/ ,
                              const G4Material* /*mat*/ );

      G4double GetIsoCrossSection( const G4DynamicParticle*  , 
                                   G4int /*Z*/ , G4int /*A*/ ,
                                   const G4Isotope* /*iso*/  ,
                                   const G4Element* /*elm*/  ,
                                   const G4Material* /*mat*/ );

      //G4bool IsApplicable(const G4DynamicParticle*, const G4Element*);

      //G4bool IsZAApplicable( const G4DynamicParticle* , G4double /*ZZ*/, G4double /*AA*/)
      //{ return false;}

      G4double GetCrossSection(const G4DynamicParticle*, const G4Element*, G4double aT);

      void BuildPhysicsTable(const G4ParticleDefinition&);

      void DumpPhysicsTable(const G4ParticleDefinition&);

      void IgnoreOnFlightDopplerBroadening(){ onFlightDB = false; };
      void EnableOnFlightDopplerBroadening(){ onFlightDB = true; };

      G4int GetVerboseLevel() const;
      void SetVerboseLevel( G4int );
      virtual void CrossSectionDescription(std::ostream&) const;


      G4PhysicsTable * theCrossSections;

      G4bool onFlightDB;
      G4bool instanceOfWorker;

      G4double ke_cache;
      G4double xs_cache;
      const G4Element* element_cache;
      const G4Material* material_cache;
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