public G4VEvaporation

Hadronic Process: Nuclear De-excitations

  • G4PhotonEvaporation
  • G4EvaporationFactory
  • G4UnstableFragmentBreakUp
  • G4EvaporationGEMFactory
  • G4EvaporationDefaultGEMFactory



  explicit G4Evaporation(G4VEvaporationChannel* photoEvaporation = nullptr);

  virtual ~G4Evaporation();

  virtual void InitialiseChannels() final;

  // new interface - vector of products is added to the provided vector
  // primary fragment is deleted or is modified and added to the list
  // of products 
  virtual void BreakFragment(G4FragmentVector*, G4Fragment* theNucleus) final;

  void SetDefaultChannel();
  void SetGEMChannel();
  void SetCombinedChannel();


  void InitialiseChannelFactory();

  G4Evaporation(const G4Evaporation &right) = delete;
  const G4Evaporation & operator=(const G4Evaporation &right) = delete;
  G4bool operator==(const G4Evaporation &right) const = delete;
  G4bool operator!=(const G4Evaporation &right) const = delete;

  G4int    fVerbose;
  size_t   nChannels;
  G4double minExcitation;
  G4NistManager* nist;
  G4IonTable*    theTableOfIons;
  G4UnstableFragmentBreakUp* unstableBreakUp;
  G4bool isInitialised;

  G4DeexChannelType channelType;

  std::vector<G4double> probabilities;
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