public G4VEmProcess

The class simulates nuclear stopping due to multiple scattering

It should be instantiated after G4ionIonisation

  • Model
    • G4ICRU49NuclearStoppingModel


public:    // with description

  explicit G4NuclearStopping(const G4String& processName="nuclearStopping");

  virtual ~G4NuclearStopping();

  // returns true for charged particles, false otherwise
  G4bool IsApplicable (const G4ParticleDefinition& p) final;

  // implementation of pure virtual method
  G4double AlongStepGetPhysicalInteractionLength(const G4Track& track,
                         G4double  previousStepSize,
                         G4double  currentMinimumStep,
                         G4double& proposedSafety,
                         G4GPILSelection* selection) final;

  // implementation of energy loss along step
  G4VParticleChange* AlongStepDoIt(const G4Track& track,
                   const G4Step&  step) final;

  // Print few lines of informations about the process: validity range,
  virtual void PrintInfo() final;

  // print documentation in html format
  virtual void ProcessDescription(std::ostream&) const override;


  // This function initialise process
  void InitialiseProcess(const G4ParticleDefinition*) final;


  // copy constructor and hide assignment operator
  G4NuclearStopping(G4NuclearStopping &) = delete;
  G4NuclearStopping & operator=(const G4NuclearStopping &right) = delete;
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