public G4HadronicInteraction

Base class for pre-equilibrium decay models in geant4. By merit of inheriting from this class a pre-equilibrium decay model can be used in conjunction with any cascade, string parton model or other high energy generator in the generation of final states for inelastic scattering.



  explicit G4VPreCompoundModel(G4ExcitationHandler* ptr = nullptr, 
                   const G4String& modelName = "PrecompoundModel");

  virtual ~G4VPreCompoundModel();


  virtual G4ReactionProductVector* DeExcite(G4Fragment& aFragment) = 0;

  virtual void DeExciteModelDescription(std::ostream& outFile) const = 0;

  inline void SetExcitationHandler(G4ExcitationHandler* ptr);

  inline G4ExcitationHandler* GetExcitationHandler() const;


  G4VPreCompoundModel(const G4VPreCompoundModel &) = delete;
  const G4VPreCompoundModel& operator=(const G4VPreCompoundModel &right) = delete;
  G4bool operator==(const G4VPreCompoundModel &right) const = delete;
  G4bool operator!=(const G4VPreCompoundModel &right) const = delete;

  G4ExcitationHandler* theExcitationHandler;
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