说明书 MPR-16 MPR-16-L MPR-16-LOG

The mesytec MPR-Series provides a set of state of the art multichannel preamplifier modules specially designed for single or double sided multistrip silicon detectors.The MPR series can be used as stand alone modules and can also easily be combined with the mesytec MSCF-16 or STM-16 shaping-/timing filter/ discriminator module.


  • 16 / 32 / 64 channel compact module
  • Sensitivity switch, factor 5
  • ESD input protection
  • Differential output 100 Ω or
  • MPR-16L with Lemo output connectors
  • Pulser input
  • Bias voltage up to ±400 V
  • PCB module available for vacuum use

Technical Data

Energy ranges

The MPR series provides a switch to amplify the output signal by a factor of 5. This helps to provide large output signals even at low charge depositions and thus provides good noise immunity.

Output stage

  • Differential output for twisted pair 34 pin male header connector.
  • Output amplitude: 0 to ±1 V
  • (max swing ±4 V)
  • Pin assignment of output connector: pin 1, 2 channel 1, pin 3, 4 channel 2..... pin 33, 34 output ground

Rise and decay time

Standard decay times are 10 us, 20 us, 50 us, 100 us. Risetime is 12 ns for 0 pF input capacity.


For the MPR-16 series, power modes can be selected by a jumper on the PCB. High Power mode reduces noise, while low Power mode may be useful for in vacuum use.

Ground connections

  • Ground screws on front and rear side
  • There are two different ground connections: input and output ground.
  • Input ground is connected to the vacuum vessel if the setup is not isolated(ie. isolated flange).
  • In critical environment the output ground can be connected to the NIM electronics.

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