V775 32 Channel Multievent TDC(35-300 ps)

说明书 V775

  • Inputs: V775: 32 ECL inputs, 110 Ω impedance
  • LSB: VME programmable from 35 to 300 ps
  • Full Scale Range: VME programmable from 140 to 1200 ns
  • Minimum Start/Stop delay: Common Start mode: 14 ns / Common Stop mode: 4 ns

  • High channel density

  • 12 bit resolution
  • 5.7 us / 32 ch conversion time
  • 600 ns fast clear time
  • Zero and overflow suppression for each channel
  • ±0.1% integral non linearity
  • ±1.5% differential non linearity
  • 32 event buffer memory
  • BLT32/MBLT64/CBLT32/CBLT64 data transfer
  • Multicast commands

The Model V775 is a 1-unit wide VME 6U module housing 32 Time-to-Digital Conversion channels. The Full Scale Range can be selected via VME from 140 ns to 1.2 µs with 8 bit resolution. The board can operate both in COMMON START and in COMMON STOP mode. Each time interval between the COM signal and the input signal is converted to a voltage level by the TAC sections. The outputs of the TAC sections are multiplexed and subsequently converted by two fast ADC modules (5.7 µs conversion time).

Signal conversion timing in Common Stop mode

The following figure shows the LSB of the V775 as a function of the Full Scale Register setting. This is a "typical" case; the curve may change slightly from board to board due to the tolerance of the components (about 10%).

LSB Vs. Full Scale Range Register setting

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