说明书 N96

Model N96 is an 8-channel fast discriminator, with std NIM outputs

High or low impedance imputs ordering options are available; with high impedance it is possible to cascade multiple sections(a 50 Ω termination is required on the last unit of the daisy-chain).

On each section it is possible to adjust both the threshold level and the output pulse width: the selection of the full scale range is made by a single DIP switch on the PCB for the threshold level(total range 20-380mV) and by a DIP-2 switch for the output width(total range 7-300 ns). Both paprameters can then be continuously adjusted via the front-panel trimmers THR and WDT.

Each section has also a Test Point(TP) to monitor the threshold level on a DC voltmeter.Three outputs(2 nornal,1 complementary logic) are available per channel.

INput characteristics

  • Nunber .. 1 high or low impedance
  • Threshold .. continuously adjustable via front-panel trimmer THR over two ranges selected by DIP switch on PCB. Range is 20 to 380 mV.

Output characteristic

  • Number .. 2 normal, 1 complementary logic, 50 Ω impedance, std NIM level.
  • Rise-Fall Time .. <= 1.6 ns
  • Pulse Width .. continuously adjustable with front-panel trimmer WDT over three ranges selected by DIP switch on PCB. Range is 7-300 ns.


  • Maximum Rate .. 85 MHz
  • Double Pulse Resolution .. 9 ns
  • INput-Output Delay .. 16 ns

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