// QTextStream

    enum RealNumberNotation {
    enum FieldAlignment {
    enum Status {
    enum NumberFlag {
        ShowBase = 0x1,
        ForcePoint = 0x2,
        ForceSign = 0x4,
        UppercaseBase = 0x8,
        UppercaseDigits = 0x10
    Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(NumberFlags, NumberFlag)

    explicit QTextStream(QIODevice *device);
    explicit QTextStream(FILE *fileHandle, QIODevice::OpenMode openMode = QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    explicit QTextStream(QString *string, QIODevice::OpenMode openMode = QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    explicit QTextStream(QByteArray *array, QIODevice::OpenMode openMode = QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    explicit QTextStream(const QByteArray &array, QIODevice::OpenMode openMode = QIODevice::ReadOnly);
    virtual ~QTextStream();

    void setCodec(QTextCodec *codec);
    void setCodec(const char *codecName);
    QTextCodec *codec() const;
    void setAutoDetectUnicode(bool enabled);
    bool autoDetectUnicode() const;
    void setGenerateByteOrderMark(bool generate);
    bool generateByteOrderMark() const;

    void setLocale(const QLocale &locale);
    QLocale locale() const;

    void setDevice(QIODevice *device);
    QIODevice *device() const;

    void setString(QString *string, QIODevice::OpenMode openMode = QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    QString *string() const;

    Status status() const;
    void setStatus(Status status);
    void resetStatus();

    bool atEnd() const;
    void reset();
    void flush();
    bool seek(qint64 pos);
    qint64 pos() const;

    void skipWhiteSpace();

    QString readLine(qint64 maxlen = 0);
    QString readAll();
    QString read(qint64 maxlen);

    void setFieldAlignment(FieldAlignment alignment);
    FieldAlignment fieldAlignment() const;

    void setPadChar(QChar ch);
    QChar padChar() const;

    void setFieldWidth(int width);
    int fieldWidth() const;

    void setNumberFlags(NumberFlags flags);
    NumberFlags numberFlags() const;

    void setIntegerBase(int base);
    int integerBase() const;

    void setRealNumberNotation(RealNumberNotation notation);
    RealNumberNotation realNumberNotation() const;

    void setRealNumberPrecision(int precision);
    int realNumberPrecision() const;

    QTextStream &operator>>(QChar &ch);
    QTextStream &operator>>(char &ch);
    QTextStream &operator>>(signed short &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(unsigned short &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(signed int &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(unsigned int &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(signed long &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(unsigned long &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(qlonglong &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(qulonglong &i);
    QTextStream &operator>>(float &f);
    QTextStream &operator>>(double &f);
    QTextStream &operator>>(QString &s);
    QTextStream &operator>>(QByteArray &array);
    QTextStream &operator>>(char *c);

    QTextStream &operator<<(QBool b);
    QTextStream &operator<<(QChar ch);
    QTextStream &operator<<(char ch);
    QTextStream &operator<<(signed short i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(unsigned short i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(signed int i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(unsigned int i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(signed long i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(unsigned long i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(qlonglong i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(qulonglong i);
    QTextStream &operator<<(float f);
    QTextStream &operator<<(double f);
    QTextStream &operator<<(const QString &s);
    QTextStream &operator<<(const QByteArray &array);
    QTextStream &operator<<(const char *c);
    QTextStream &operator<<(const void *ptr);

#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    // not marked as QT3_SUPPORT to avoid double compiler warnings, as
    // they are used in the QT3_SUPPORT functions below.
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int flags() const { return flagsInternal(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int flags(int f) { return flagsInternal(f); }

    inline QT3_SUPPORT int setf(int bits)
    { int old = flagsInternal(); flagsInternal(flagsInternal() | bits); return old; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int setf(int bits, int mask)
    { int old = flagsInternal(); flagsInternal(flagsInternal() | (bits & mask)); return old; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int unsetf(int bits)
    { int old = flagsInternal(); flagsInternal(flagsInternal() & ~bits); return old; }

    inline QT3_SUPPORT int width(int w)
    { int old = fieldWidth(); setFieldWidth(w); return old; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int fill(int f)
    { QChar ch = padChar(); setPadChar(QChar(f)); return ch.unicode(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT int precision(int p)
    { int old = realNumberPrecision(); setRealNumberPrecision(p); return old; }

    enum {
        skipws       = 0x0001,                        // skip whitespace on input
        left         = 0x0002,                        // left-adjust output
        right        = 0x0004,                        // right-adjust output
        internal     = 0x0008,                        // pad after sign
        bin          = 0x0010,                        // binary format integer
        oct          = 0x0020,                        // octal format integer
        dec          = 0x0040,                        // decimal format integer
        hex          = 0x0080,                        // hex format integer
        showbase     = 0x0100,                        // show base indicator
        showpoint    = 0x0200,                        // force decimal point (float)
        uppercase    = 0x0400,                        // upper-case hex output
        showpos      = 0x0800,                        // add '+' to positive integers
        scientific   = 0x1000,                        // scientific float output
        fixed        = 0x2000                         // fixed float output
    enum {
        basefield = bin | oct | dec | hex,
        adjustfield = left | right | internal,
        floatfield = scientific | fixed

    enum Encoding { Locale, Latin1, Unicode, UnicodeNetworkOrder,
                    UnicodeReverse, RawUnicode, UnicodeUTF8 };
    QT3_SUPPORT void setEncoding(Encoding encoding);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QString read() { return readAll(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void unsetDevice() { setDevice(0); }

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